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What are the other Johnson & Johnson cancer lawsuits? In August 2017, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay more than £323million to a woman who said she got ovarian cancer from using its baby powder. Johnson & Johnson under fire over baby powder . Johnson & Johnson has for decades known its raw talc and finished powders at times tested positive for small quantities of asbestos, with the. Recently, almost 4,800 individual lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson claiming that the company failed to warm women that if they used the powder on or near the pelvic area, they were at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.Recently, one woman received an award of $417 million after she was able to show that she used Johnson and Johnson baby powder and developed ovarian. Apply dermatologist-tested Johnson's® baby powder to baby’s skin to gently absorb excess moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, and smooth. Our baby powder keeps skin comfortable, dry & feeling soft. With a clean, classic scent, this baby powder formula glides over your baby’s skin and leaves it feeling delicately soft and dry while. Johnson's Baby is an American brand of baby cosmetics and skin care products owned by Johnson & Johnson.The brand dates back to 1893 when Johnson's Baby Powder was introduced. Product line consists of baby powder, shampoos, body lotions, massage oil, shower gels and baby wipes.The brand has reputation for making baby products that are "exceptionally pure and safe" since at least the 1980s. Shares of Johnson & Johnson dropped 10 percent on Friday on an article by Reuters about the asbestos concerns related to Johnson’s Baby Powder.. Johnson & Johnson is appealing the three asbestos. Johnson & Johnson was ordered Thursday to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women and their families who had claimed that asbestos in the company’s talcum powder products caused them to develop ovarian. Johnson's baby powder with cornstarch is really great for babies and adults. Johnson's baby powder with cornstarch helps with chafing and helps in the summer as well. Some ball players use it as well to keep from chafing with the equipment that they use on their body helps keep them comfortable. LOS ANGELES --A Los Angeles jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million to a woman who claimed in a lawsuit that the talc in the company's iconic baby powder causes ovarian cancer when. Johnson & Johnson paid a steep price this year for claims that its celebrated baby powder was contaminated with asbestos. Problem is, 2019 could be even worse. A jury ordered the company in July.

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